Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Started on the parade route

Welcome to Homeschool Blog Parade. This blog is the brainchild of Traci at Marshmallow Circus, and Marshmallow Homeschooling. I love blogs, especially homeschool blogs! One of my favorite pastimes is to end my day by reading the everyday adventures that homeschool families go through.There are many social network sites that help bloggers create more traffic like Blogher and my favorite SITS, but Homeschool Blog Parade is just intended to bridge homeschool families around the world by featuring their blogs. Homeschool business blogs and review blogs are more than welcome! Your blog does not have to be mainly about homeschooling-just that you be a blogger who also homeschools.

How it works/Getting started on the parade route

It's easy as...well joining in a parade!

1) "Follow" this blog! On the main site, join in the parade by pressing the 'Bloggers on parade' button and follow along. (click on the double box on the main site under the pencil.)

2) Comment! Each week there will be a featured homeschool blogger, homeschool business, or special event. Other homeschool bloggers will know your a homeschool blogger if you comment and be able to visit your blog by clicking on your name in the comments.

3) How to be a featured blogger! Want to be a featured blogger and Grand Marshall of the week-it's like a special reward, and will draw more readers to your page to connect! 

  • First, follow this blog by the 'Bloggers on parade' button found on this blogs main site on the left side.
  • Be in top 25 in the parade route by commenting on the most recent blog entry on this blog(note: most recent entry will be verifiable by the time date stamp-one new entry early every Monday morning at random times)
  • Next, set out on the parade route by reading and commenting on the four blogs comments before OR after yours.(it's your choice!)
  • You will then send an email to Homeschool Blog parade's email 
  • Your email should include the subject line of..."Featured blogger request" In your email you will need to tell what number your comment was, a link to your blog, and all four links to where you followed the parade route by listing the links of the four blog posts you commented on by your fellow homeschool bloggers. 
  • One random blogger will be chosen as our Grand Marshall by me and be notified by email no later than the Thursday of the current featured blogger. You will have by Friday morning 8AM central time to confirm your place as Grand Marshall. 
  • Lastly-get your blog ready for your special week! Write a blog entry that introduces you, you might add links to your most popular posts, or tell how you became a homeschooler, whatever you want. Don't forget to add a link for Homeschool Blog Parade so that your readers can find us too!

Good luck!

Special notice: Please remember that the homeschool community is made up many diverse families regarding homeschool style, homeschool method, and religion. Please be respectful of all Parade members-if you do not agree with them, simply do not read their blog. Homeschool Blog Parade is not responsible for the content on other blogs.

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